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It neither takes long nor does it cost much to decide on a compromise. However, to correct it...

The impact and success of a company depends to a great part on their management team. The dynamics in today's work environment poses a threat if the ‘right’ successor is not available in time.

Key criteria for our Interim Managers

· Dedicated professionals

· Senior Executives
- more than 15 years experience in line management
- responsible for several-hundred employees
- responsible for multiple international locations
- responsible for the entire value added chain:
        > Product Management
        > Sales / Business Development
        > Engineering
        > Operations / Project Management
        > Service / After Sales

· Independent
- no politics: when we are done, we leave
- our interest: the job and our reputation


… is a journey, not a destination.

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Competitive edge: Interim Managers

Our interim managers are typically experienced former line-managers in related areas.