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To unfold the power …

  -  to the benefit of the individual and the company  -

To accelerate a manager’s development through an experienced senior manager and therefore reducing the risk of failure. -  The higher one climbs in his/her career, the more isolated and lonely it gets. Politics begin to dominate...

Actual situation

Nowadays, in many cases managers have to ‘climb the ladder’ significantly faster than in the past. - However, without the many years of previous experience this poses also a high risk of failure for the manager and the company. This risk can be mitigated by an experienced coach.

What it takes

· A Coach who is able to assess the situation based on own experience

· A Coach that used to work in that level, or higher

· A suitable situational analysis … alternatives ...

· A trust-based individual relationship

· Absolute discretion


… is a journey, not a destination.

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Competitive edge: Executive coaching

Our coaching services will be exclusively provided by former senior executives of multi-national corporations, each with a management experience in the double-digit year range!